some moments of sweetness and sensuality (5 tracks)


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cinematic inspiration...

This album arose from a live Electronic audiovisual performance inspired on the film La Dolce Vita by the film legend Fellini. It flows through different stages during the very long night portrayed on the movie: mysterious, sensual, chaotic, and fun. Tracks 1 through 4 were linked to the live performance; track 5 "Hommage to Black & White" is meant to be an electronic remembrance to that era in black & white cinema.


All songs written by Gabó (ASCAP)
Vocal samples on “Blue Shadows” from “After the Moonlight” (by Gabó)  originally performed by Thania Sanz (© Eclectic Muse).
Laughter voices on “Nuit Blanche” by Ninon
Producer, mixing and mastering: Gabó
Publishing: Eclectic Muse.  Sound recordings copyright of Eclectic Muse
All Rights Reserved © 2016